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UHP Graphite electrode Orders from Indian steel delivered

Indian steel order for graphite electrodes has been delivered on time and we hope the customer is satisfied.

Handan Sudong Carbon Products Co., Ltd is a leading provider of graphite electrodes for the steel industry.The main products are RP graphite electrodes, HP graphite electrodes, UHP graphite electrodes and carbon electrodes of various specifications, as well as graphite crucibles,graphite rotors, graphite plates, graphite blocks, and Other graphite products,
special graphite, carburizer, etc.

Graphite electrodes are made of high-quality low-ash materials (petroleum coke, needle coke and coal pitch, etc.), which are calcined, batched, kneaded, shaped, roasted and pressure-impregnated, graphitized, and then precisely machined by professional CNC machining. The electrode has low resistivity, good conductivity, low ash, compact structure, good oxidation resistance and high mechanical strength, and is the best conductive material for electric arc furnaces and melting furnaces.




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