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Coal Carburizer

Coal Carburizer 

Product Description:

The main component of the carburizer is carbon, which is a commonly used additive in the iron and steel industry. The carburizer can supplement the carbon content lost during the steel smelting process, and it can reach the required value. The product is processed from carbon materials, and has the characteristics of high fixed carbon content, low ash content, low sulfur content, low volatile content, and less harmful impurities. It can be easily dissolved in the molten iron in the porous structure, the carbon absorption speed is fast, the absorption rate is high, the slag does not return, and the carburizing effect is stable. Carburizers can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel, and reducing the amount of primary iron or not using pig iron can greatly reduce the production cost of castings. Carburizer is suitable for cast iron, cast steel induction furnace, cupola-induction furnace double, cupola smelting process.






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